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My professor said I need to get over my public speaking fear or else he will tell everyone I am a communist.

Ever think of going to toast masters?

Public speaking is quite easy once you do it enough. Think of it as a group of tumblrites. You see them,uneducated and ready to pounce on you at any moment. Give a clear and concise speak so they have no choice but to agree with you. Any time you are at a loss for words, just pause for a second, then go again




Fascist alert.

They say this for Obama but if it was Bush jr or Reagan they’d call you a fascist.

No term limits. But if your approval rating drops below 50% you get shot. See how many presidents resign before they MAJORLY screw up haha

Female CEO Tries to Create Feminist Ad Campaign, Gets Slammed for Misogyny | National Review Online

So many lols. You aren’t feminist unless you’re MY feminism



send me your best pick up line


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I just saw a friend say the Bible promotes violence….like the Quran. Well, implied it at least. I’m debating whether or not I should call him out for proof. Even though he has done that a lot in regards to the Bible. He likes to think of himself as an intellectual yet uses very weak arguments. Hmmmm.




Normalize women with penises

Normalize men with vaginas

Normalize intersex people

Normalize singular neutral pronouns

Normalize diversity and crush stereotypes

No. Do not normalize singular neutral pronouns. They are not singular. It’s grammar,…

God dang I hate when you get English wrong!


If we DON’T know the sex of a person or cannot hazard a guess, they is acceptable.

But you still have the issue: “You can use the plural pronouns ‘they’, ‘them’, ‘their’ etc., despite the fact that, technically, they are referring back to a singular noun” SINGULAR NOUN.

Further evidence:


when the singular noun does not specify an individual can it be replaced plausibly with a plural pronoun”.

DOES NOT SPECIFY. If I’m sitting here, looking at your profile, coming to the conclusion of “that person is male” or “that person is female” then it is grammatically correct to use he/she. If I cannot tell, I can use “they” as a singular noun. Not willy nilly like you so wish. If I see you in person, I’m not gonna call you a “they”. You’re a him or her. Period. This is how logic + grammar works. Or we can be British and use their forms of grammar


We were talking about communications and media in French today, and my teacher told us that the only unbiased news source on television is Jon Stewart.

I don’t even understand how someone could be as stupid as to believe that. 


Haha you have a hate blog following you!


It started a few days ago with a “f**k-heritage-and-tradition” blog. Then somebody made a “love-heritage-and-tradition” and a “defend-heritage-and-tradition” (I think that’s what it was) in response to the hate blog, and then somebody made a “destroy-heritage-and-tradition” blog. And now I guess there’s this one too. I sure do feel special…lol.

I don’t get hate mail like ever :( teach me oh hated one!

i thought you didm;t like lesbians??





Just because I don’t support same sex marriage, doesn’t mean I hate gay people.


And now ur homophobic too you just keep getting better and better

A person can not support same sex marriage and still have no issue with gay people. That doesn’t make someone homophobic.

This makes me laugh. So let’s take an example!

I have friends on here bisexual/homosexual. I respect them, value their opinion on many things even. But we both know something: I don’t support same sex marriages. And you know what? They don’t call me homophobic and I don’t preach to their face. You know why? We have an understanding that there will be differences. There are things we feel differently about, but we can still share a friendship. Heck, I have a good friendship with a heathen/pagan/whatever you wanna call it.

The fact is anyone who thinks not supporting something automatically makes you X is supposing there are only two answers. This is bad logic. Provide a basis for this idea (meaning make sure there are only two answers) or make a better argument.



The one thing I have over my coding peers? I ACTUALLY HAVE PEOPLE SKILLS. Half of my class doesn’t wanna work in teams for a team project. Also a lot of them have a hard time conveying a message or even being reasonable.

dem social skills tho.

It’s funny when I see it from afar. One boy said he modded a nerf gun to shoot 1000 rounds a second. I nearly died laughing. Others try to sounds smart by talking about some complicated thing. The worst ones are the ones who cannot understand basic speaking etiquette. You’ll likely hear me rant about them more over the semester